Thomas Klotz – EVE, la montagne et la jeune fille

Thomas Klotz – EVE, la montagne et la jeune fille
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Thomas Klotz – EVE, la montagne et la jeune fille

Available with a first edition exclusively for Fisheye, limited to 20 copies in a boxed set and accompanied by a signed and numbered 18 x 24 cm photographic print.

Thomas Klotz’s story is a montage, a cleverly punctuated juxtaposition, these photos tell a story, the one I see: a tale involving a mountain and a young girl.

Coming out of the water, a garment is stuck to her, in the still warm evening air that envelops her for a few more minutes. Her first glance is absorbed by this world bigger than herself.

An ascent prepares itself.

Perhaps it will be colder there.

All these new things that must be gained and those that must be left. So quickly.

But there is no manual for that? His gaze questions the lens, and behind him, his father. The father. What is the direction? There is nothing written on the board? A color code? Which sign to follow? Should we do what we are told? Is this the way up?

She gives herself up: lost.  In the surprise and the brightness. Lost in the spaces. The coats, the satchels in the night.

Her look overwhelms me, she feels everything, she does not hide, and does not lie. Her expression is powerful, she does not pose. No relationship of force, she disarms us in her calm duration.

Static, it has momentum and touches the deepest part of the one who supports it. It has the duration of a monologue in front of the camera, but beyond words.

The ill-fitting flounce of a dress like a candy cane. She has found where to look, to look at herself.

She sees herself now and is present to the world but she doesn’t know the magic formula.

So she sticks the pieces of the map, which she finds like the clues of a treasure hunt, and reconstitutes the plan, the route to find the path to the summit.

 Excerpt from La montagne et la jeune fille – Sophie Letourneur

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Publisher: EYD
Graphic design: Ilanit Illouz
Texts: Bernard Plossu, Sophie Letourneur
Languages: French and English
Traduction: Darrell Wilkins
Format: 180 x 240 mm
Pages: 116 pages, 62 photographs
Hard cover

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Dimensions 17.5 × 24.8 cm
Livre + Tirage de tête

Tirage photographique 18 x 24 cm signé et numéroté de I à XX

Livre seul

Livre seul

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