Thibault Lévêque – Tchachachao

Thibault Lévêque – Tchachachao

Thibault Lévêque – Tchachachao


Spontaneous fragments of life

Behind the glittery cover of Tchachachao are hidden moments of joy and freedom. Thibault Lévêque crystallized them and then recorded them in a full-page format, as if he wanted to abstract everything that might seem superfluous. Like the reminiscences that are superimposed in the blurred mind, the festive pictures are thus thrown together in a spontaneous way. According to the memories, some vagabond poems slip here and there, on the images or on transparent paper. This haphazard succession is also embodied in the book-object which, by its absence of binding, shows a great flexibility. Like a road book that one would fill in as time goes by, the book opens flat. It immerses us all the better in these fragments of life, sublimated by the eye of the seasoned photographer.

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Éditions Fisheye
Photography : Thibault Lévêque

Director of the publishing: Benoît Baume
Editorial committee: Benoît Baume, Lisa Cadot, Corentin Delavie, Bastien Forato and Éric Karsenty
Editorial coordination: Éric Karsenty
Editorial and graphic design: Lisa Cadot & Bastien Forato
Based on an idea by Thibault Lévêque with the help of Thibault Ceasar
Proofreading: Alexandre Mouawad
Production: Dorothée Xainte
Photogravure: Terre Neuve
Distribution manager: Corentin Delavie, editions@fisheyemagazine.fr

Thibault Lévêque, 2022, for the photographs and the whole book
Théo Gosselin for the preface text
Emmanuel Rosario for the preface text
Fisheye, 2022, for the whole book

Cover : Constellation Jade E27 Spring 350g
Interior: Munken Lynx 120g & Chromatine Transwhite 110g
Typeface: Reckless Neue designed by Martin Vácha, Display, CZ

Printed in May 2022 by Standart impressa,
Vilnius, Lithuania. www.standart.it, info@standart.it.

Legal Deposit: June 2022
ISBN : 979-10-97326-12-8

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