Akihito Yoshida – Une Double Absence
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Akihito Yoshida – Une Double Absence


A true photographic tale, this book tells the story of a young man, Daiki, whose life was entirely dedicated to his grandmother, Yukimi. Fascinated and touched by this unique relationship, photographer Akihito Yoshida, Daiki’s cousin and also Yukimi’s grandson, decides to document this story. He photographs daily life and over the years, we see a rare relationship being created between the grandmother and her grandson: attention, kindness, trust and attachment draw a bond of extraordinary strength. But one day, Daiki disappears without a word. Yukimi collapses, Daiki’s presence fades away. What remains of this story, of their relationship, of their affection? Akihito Yoshida shows the impermanence of beings, the fragility of the bonds, the appearances that deceive, the obsessive absence of our loved ones.

This work has been presented at the Kyotographie International Photography Festival, the Lianzhou Foto Festival, both in 2017, the Singapore International Photography Festival in 2018 and the Fisheye Gallery in January 2020.

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Editor: Xavier Barral
Languages: French, English
Width: 190 mm
Height: 255 mm
Pages: 140 pages

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Dimensions 19 × 25.5 cm

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