Subscription Fisheye Magazine – 1 year + Special issue

Subscription Fisheye Magazine – 1 year + Special issue

50,00 for 1 year

Telling, Inspiring, Revealing… Contemporary photography.

Fisheye is a magazine that decrypts the world through photography by keeping an eye on the practices of a new generation that approaches photography without any complex. With entries on politics, economy, society, world, portraiture, fashion, video art, equipment, web projects, trends, history… Fisheye forbids itself nothing and keeps an eye open on emerging talents. Documentary photography, reportage, graphic research, poetic approach, road trip, mobile photography and others: all have the right to be featured in the pages of Fisheye, on the walls of the Fisheye Gallery as well as on the Net, thanks to our website www.fisheyemagazine.fr.

The 1 year subscription + Special Issue to Fisheye Magazine allows you to receive 6 issues over the next 12 months + 1 Special Issue.

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