Stéphanie Solinas – Dominique Lambert
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Stéphanie Solinas – Dominique Lambert

by RVB Books


Dominique is the most common mixed name in France, and the twenty-seventh most common. Combining it with Lambert, the twenty-seventh most common surname, Stéphanie Solinas defined as her study population the one hundred and ninety-one Dominique Lambert listed in the private individuals’ directory (Pages Blanches, France). She asked each of them by mail to fill out a Chinese portrait. From this, for the Dominique Lambert who responded, she elaborated a written portrait, with the help of the Advisory Committee for the Description of the Dominique Lambert (composed of a psychologist, a statistician, a police inspector, and a lawyer). This text formed the basis for the portrait drawn by the painter Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte. The drawn portrait was then transformed into a sketch by Dominique Ledée, a police investigator from the Identité Judiciaire. Stéphanie Solinas then looked for a model with an obvious resemblance to the composite portrait to photograph. Slipped into the book jacket, a crystal pocket contains the identity photos of the “real” Dominique Lambert, author of the Chinese portraits, and thus closes the chain of representations imagined by the artist.

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Publisher: RVB Books
Release: 2016
Width: 16 cm
Height: 23 cm
Pages: 306 pages, 21 C-prints to cut out
Soft cover with dust jacket

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Dimensions 16 × 23 cm

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