Special Issue #5

Special Issue #5

Special Issue #5


Field of possibilities

Dedicating a special issue to the graduates of photo schools around the world… This is the project we decided to carry out, because it honors the freedom to create. The graduation, especially in a photo school, is a moment of intense creation. The aspiring photographic artist will no longer have the leisure to devote six months to a project with no other pressure than that of inventiveness and quality. It is this moment of grace that we have tracked down, among the hundreds of submissions sent by students of the class of 2018. More than a hundred photo schools responded to the international call, but we have chosen to present to you thirty works that represent the best of current creation. Dislocating the very boundaries of aesthetics, these young authors seek to exceed the field of possibilities and invent a new way of thinking about the image. At Fisheye, we are more than ever attentive to the emerging forms of photography. What is more intense than an image that stands out from the crowd, where everything seems to have already been explored or shown. Pushing the limits: this is the ambition of this special issue, which aims to be an annual observatory of the evolution of training and photo creation.

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Released on newsstands and in bookstores on October 20, 2018
Fisheye special issue, 64 pages
Cover photo: © Dinaya Waeyaert, photo from the Personal Collection series, 2018

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Dimensions 30 × 23 cm

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