Special Issue #3 – Digital edition

Special Issue #3 – Digital edition
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Special Issue #3 – Digital edition


Women photographers, an obvious under-exposure

Women photographers are everywhere: in fashion, photojournalism, documentary photography, visual approaches… Yet, when you look closer, when you start counting them, in festivals, exhibitions, publications, awards, on the art market, parity is not there, and even much worse than that.

When we started to investigate this question, the figures surprised us, and we decided to give them a large place in this special issue. Because the vague impressions one may have need indisputable facts to remove any ambiguity. We will also read with women’s testimonies that the situation is still difficult for many of them, even if the positions taken by some actors of the photo give the impression that things are starting to move. A feeling perceptible abroad, as underlined by the latest publications of Aperture and the British Journal of Photography devoted to feminism. Or in our daily exchanges with women who demand equal treatment in order to be seen as photographers first and foremost.

What was originally a feature turned, in the course of discussions, into a special issue. The entire editorial staff of Fisheye, mainly women, and outside collaborators were mobilized to bring this issue to fruition. We don’t pretend here to go around the issue, nor to give lessons to anyone, but we think that an awareness is necessary today for things to change. This is the meaning of this issue. An issue preceded by a manifesto that takes stock of the situation and demands concrete changes. It is now up to you to seize it by distributing it, by debating this question and by making things happen at your level. The answer is not unique, it is collective, it is daily, it is permanent, and it is structural. From now on, we will no longer be able to say “I didn’t know”.

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Digital edition
Released on newsstands and in bookstores on June 26, 2017
Fisheye special issue, 68 pages
Cover photo: © Megan Doherty See You Around, 2016, photo from the series Stoned in Melanchol

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