Special Issue #1 – Digital edition

Special Issue #1 – Digital edition
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Special Issue #1 – Digital edition


Band of photographers! Théo Gosselin, Cédric Jeber & friends

For Fisheye‘s first special edition, we decided to get closer to the world of books by enlarging the format, increasing the quality of the paper and especially by making more room for photos. And naturally, we thought of Théo Gosselin, who made the first Fisheye cover and who is as authentic as he is unaware, as young as he is talented.

As we got to know him better, we quickly realized that friendship, the group, the tribe was part of his life and his work. In addition to these unpublished images, we asked Theo and his friend Cédric Jereb to invite their fellow travelers to choose portfolios, write texts about them and have an editor’s eye. They played the game, spending a lot of time in our offices. We sometimes pulled our hair out at their lightness and their way of not taking things seriously, but we also laughed a lot.

Theo, Cedric and their friends are authentic. They go on a trip to live experiences as much as to make pictures, one cannot go without the other. As you read these pages, you will discover a group of friends who tell the story of the times with all the more truth that they are unconscious. And if, at the end of this journey in images, you don’t want to get into the van with Alina, Maud, Mercedes, Tamara, Brice, Mani, Cédric and Théo, it’s because freedom has no hold on you. An ideal gift for Christmas to get away in style.

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Digital edition
Released on newsstands and in bookstores on October 15, 2014
Fisheye special issue, 148 pages
Cover photo: © Théo Gosselin

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