Sandrine Elberg – Cosmic

Sandrine Elberg – Cosmic

by Les Constellations


From a literal point of view, it is true that one might be tempted to equate these photographs with a long tradition of scientific observation – images thought to be created with a microscope stand alongside those that could have been made with a telescope. Some of the patterns are like particles saturated with life or energy; some have an organic consistency, while others are like outpourings of matter, electric arcs or molten bodies rising from nothing. Other circular figures could be associated with the portholes of any exploration machine.
But what really polarizes Sandrine Elberg’s work around scientific principles is not so much the visual evocations, a global physiognomy, as the way she considers the production of these photographs. Indeed, if the attraction for the cosmic environments never fades, it is the whole operating mode which is apprehended in a logic comparable to that of the experimental sciences, especially when it is a question of validating hypotheses oscillating between clairvoyance and surprise, or of hesitating between conscious invention and fortuitous discovery.

Julien Verhaeghe

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Publisher: Les Constellations
Photographs: Sandrine Elberg
Concept: Sandrine Elberg & 11h11-design
Graphic Design: 11h11-design
Text: Julien Verhaeghe
Translation: Kaleigh Johnson
Width: 21 cm
Height: 30 cm
Pages: 80 pages
ISBN: 979-10-699-1904-4

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Dimensions 21 × 30 cm

Les Constellations

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