Renato D’Agostin – Harmony of Chaos
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Renato D’Agostin – Harmony of Chaos

by The(M) éditions


Renowned for his unique style, exhibited worldwide, featured in prestigious private and public collections, and the subject of numerous best-selling publications, Renato D’Agostin’s work has held a very special place in the world of photography over the years. With his new series, Harmony of Chaos, the artist raises the bar even higher, discovering new horizons.

In Harmony of Chaos, Renato D’Agostin depicts the vibrancy and claustrophobia he felt in the streets of Shanghai. Far from a simple portrait of the city, he draws from this sensory experience a series that highlights the DNA of postmodern cities at large. The photographs emphasize the anonymity generated by urban structures in a controlled vocabulary that constantly plays with scale. The series gives us a glimpse of the rapid changes that have occurred in these cities and questions the place of Man in these new megacities.

Theo-Mario Coppola, who wrote the preface to the book, describes the atmosphere of the series perfectly: “Abstractions of cement, blown by the wind, drowned in fog, the dense and moving facades stand out, without foundation, without sky, like immense painted backdrops of a theater set. The actors – the passers-by – come and go in this fluid mass where one moves to live. Their appearance is furtive. Their actions are made up of simple gestures, reduced to the choreography of silence and the harmony of chaos.

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Publisher: the(M) éditions – Quants
Text: Theo-Mario Coppola
Format: 40 x 55 cm
Pages: 45
Languages: English, French

Hard cover
Limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies

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Dimensions 40 × 55 cm

The(M) éditions

The(M) éditions a été fondée en 2015 par Marie Sepchat.

Spécialisée dans l’édition de livres de photographie, the(M) éditions publie des ouvrages qui se « ressentent », conçus comme des objets singuliers, en édition limitée. Chaque livre propose une expérience esthétique et sensorielle unique, en harmonie avec le travail de l’artiste.

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