Pauline Alioua, Chris Garvi – Tableaux d’Iran
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Pauline Alioua, Chris Garvi – Tableaux d’Iran

by Arnaud Bizalion


Pauline Alioua and Chris Garvi (photographs) – Jean-Christophe Béchet (text)

The paintings of Iran by Pauline Alioua and Chris Garvi, bordered by intriguing grays and velvety colors, are of a very Iranian calm: muffled silence in its desert heart, urban murmurs, muffled echoes on the edge of a sea so little visited, discreet joy of children, solitude while waiting for a bus, furtive silhouette in an alley… The deliberate absence of any toponymy doesn’t lead us astray. In response to the reality of their discoveries in film, an unsuspected part of our imagination opens up.


Pauline and Chris met in 2016 in Marseille. Their sensibility, their origins, their interest for art and particularly photography spontaneously echo. From then on, they consider common photographic projects. In summer 2016, they undertake a first long trip to Eastern Europe. In 2017 they travel to Morocco and explore a common family anchorage there. In 2017 and 2019 they travel to Iran, whose culture, history and mystery inexorably attract them.

Already published: Plein Cœur, Pauline Alioua and Chris Garvi (self-published 2016 out of print)-Dans le creux du manque, Pauline Alioua and Chris Garvi (Arnaud Bizalion Editor 2018)


Jean-Christophe Bechet is a French photographer, writer and journalist born in 1964. He is one of the most important French photographers of today, author of more than 20 monographic books, and of about sixty exhibitions in France and abroad, and has developed throughout his career the idea of “inhabited landscapes” and “poetic documentary”. His photographs are present in numerous private and public collections.

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Arnaud Bizalion

Formé aux Beaux-Arts, co-fondateur et éditeur d’Images En Manœuvres (Editions 1986-2013), Arnaud Bizalion est spécialisé en photographie et arts visuels. Monographies, autobiographies, récits, reportages, poésies, journaux, écrits politiques et philosophiques, textes et photographies représentent un axe fort et ouvrent sur des champs connexes dans des expressions d’une grande variété. Crée en 2014, la maison d’édition compte à ce jour plus de 70 titres.

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