Paul Cupido – Mukayu (Book + First edition)
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Paul Cupido – Mukayu (Book + First edition)

by The(M) éditions


“An empty room will be filled with light by its emptiness. This is how the concept of “Mukayu” is defined by the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi.

Paul Cupido’s recent, poetic and very intimate photographic work in Japan is inspired by this concept of “Mukayu”, which also refers to “non-existence”, to “things as they are”.

Mukayu is part of the larger philosophical concept of “Mu”, which has been a source of inspiration for Paul Cupido since his first artist book Searching for Mu. Mu could be translated as “not having” or “letting go”.

Through his images, Paul Cupido explores the themes of emptiness, metamorphosis, transience, and ephemerality in relation to our emotional experiences.

His images, true visual poems, sometimes melancholic and surrealist, question our relationship to reality and our ability to dream. His desire to understand and embrace nature permeates his work, which is nourished by his native island, Terschelling, and the bond between its inhabitants and nature.

The double-booklet system allows for a multitude of image associations, printed on 4 types of paper.

Mukayu is a book that offers an emotional experience, just like the artist’s organic works, that can be felt, like a meditation.

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Co-publisher:  the(M) éditions et IBASHO
Design: Bureau Kayser
Pages: 120
Width: 16 mm
Height: 24,5 mm

Limited edition of 40 signed and numbered copies accompanied by a handmade toyobo print on washi paper

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 24.5 cm
Livre + Tirage de tête

Tirage toyobo fait main sur papier washi 18 x 24 cm signé et numéroté de I à XX

livre seul

Livre seul

The(M) éditions

The(M) éditions a été fondée en 2015 par Marie Sepchat.

Spécialisée dans l’édition de livres de photographie, the(M) éditions publie des ouvrages qui se « ressentent », conçus comme des objets singuliers, en édition limitée. Chaque livre propose une expérience esthétique et sensorielle unique, en harmonie avec le travail de l’artiste.

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