Michel Denancé – ARCHISABLE 2
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Michel Denancé – ARCHISABLE 2

by Le Bec en l'air


Curator Tina Bloch has invited 34 European architects to rediscover the gestures of the sand castle builders. On the beaches of Deauville and Benerville, astonishing monuments have risen between sky and sea, mandalas and labyrinths as far as the eye can see have had a fleeting but intense existence.

Both land art and sand painting, the proposals, maturely elaborated or improvised according to the inspiration of the moment, are of an amazing diversity. Digging, building, sculpting, molding, scarifying, raking, drawing, modeling… sand lends itself to all poetic inventions. Between two tides, the photographer Michel Denancé has captured their ephemeral beauty, mixing eye-level perspectives and aerial views for a result of great aesthetic strength.


Trained as an architect, Michel Denancé takes more pleasure in observing the work of others than in producing it himself. His reports simultaneously highlight the building itself (both a volume defined by its walls and a living space installed in a site) and the architects’ intentions. His photographs appear in the specialized press, sometimes in generalist publications, and accompany monographs of architects (Renzo Piano, in particular), books devoted to a building or thematic reviews. The photographs executed outside of the commissioned work also concern the landscape or the city and are sometimes the subject of books: Dogon Doumbo Doumbo (a micro-territory of the Dogon country), Mille milliards de milieux (landscapes of Seine-Saint-Denis), Un si parfait jardin (Algiers), Petites Agonies urbaines (walled facades in the Paris region), all accompanied by texts by writers and published by Bec en l’air.

Tina Bloch is a curator, at the initiative in 2016 of the Archisable project which was the subject of a first book (Éd. Xavier Barral, 2018).

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Publisher: Le Bec en l’air
Text: Tina Bloch, Bertrand Lemoine, François Goven, George Fessy
Concept: Tina Bloch
Format: 22 x 31 cm
Pages: 176
120 black and white photos
cardboard cover with hot stamping

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Dimensions 22 × 31 cm

Le Bec en l'air

Créé en 1999, Le Bec en l’air est un éditeur indépendant installé à Marseille. Un point commun réunit la plupart du temps ses publications : le dialogue entre l’image et le texte, entre photographie et récit, à travers une mise en page étudiée, des photographies et des textes d’auteurs.

Au fil des ans, le catalogue s’enrichit d’écritures photographiques variées qui trouvent néanmoins une cohérence éditoriale : la photographie comme outil de questionnement du monde contemporain, qu’il s’agisse de préoccupations documentaires, esthétiques ou intimistes.
Photographes reconnus ou émergents s’y croisent, sans exclusion de style ou de sensibilité artistique : Jane Evelyn Atwood, Bruno Boudjelal, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Denis Brihat, Denis Dailleux, Arko Datto, Cédric Gerbehaye, Steeve Iuncker, Yohanne Lamoulère, Frédéric Lecloux, Shinji Nagabe, Payram, Marc Riboud, Adrien Selbert, Frédéric Stucin …