Michaël Duperrin – Odysseus, l’Autre monde
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Michaël Duperrin – Odysseus, l’Autre monde

by SunSun


The Odyssey is the story of a man who wants to return home and discover the world of others at the same time. Ulysses holds both ends of his desire, at the cost of ten years of wandering. It is himself that he discovers at the end of the road. If the ancient epic still speaks to us, it is because it deals with current issues: identity, otherness, hospitality. Since 2012, Michaël Duperrin has been visiting the supposed places of Ulysses’ wanderings. He travels through multiple strata, between here and elsewhere, now and then, real and fiction, weaving echoes between mythical past and present reality. This experience is modelled on the temporality of Odysseus’ return, ten years. Odysseus, the Other World retraces the first part of it, and immerses us in the world of gods, monsters, the underworld and mermaids.

The photographs in Odysseus, the Other World are printed in cyanotype, one of the first photo printing processes, which owes its name to its color. While we see the Mediterranean and its intense blue sky, the word “blue” does not exist in the language of Homer. The adjective that later designates a dark blue refers in the Odyssey to the world of the Night and the Underworld, that is to say, the Other World. The international standard of printing in CMYK would not have allowed to reproduce these images well. The photo-engraver Eric Guglielmi has therefore invented for the work a process, the BMJN, in which cyan is replaced by a blue. This flow, in the middle of which a storm is unleashed, intertwines the images and the words of Michaël Duperrin. His text is woven from three threads: the story of Ulysses, what is happening today in the places of the Odyssey, and the experience of the journey, which transforms the one who takes it.

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Publisher: SunSun
Release: November 2019
Text: Michaël Duperrin, Pierre Bergounioux, Thierry Fabre. Translation by Martine Aubert with the participation of Donald Mac Donough.
Width: 15 cm
Height: 21 cm
Pages: 50 cyanotype photographs
Otabind binding – Freelife vellum 140g paper – Curious Matter Adiron Blue 270g cover + cover printing process BMJN

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Dimensions 15 × 21 cm