Mazaccio & Drowilal – The happiness project
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Mazaccio & Drowilal – The happiness project

by RVB Books


In 2014, the artists Mazaccio and Drowilal travelled to Silicon Valley in California, the now mythical territory where the majority of the digital tools we use daily are designed. The book The Happiness Project- A journey through Silicon Valley – restores in the form of a photographic sequence, the subjective and chromatic documentary of this trip. It is about counter-culture and the link that computers have with it, but also about New Age, ecological awareness, or intensive sports practice. The still lifes, a kind of contemporary vanity that punctuates the work, symbolize the Californian ideology and the relationship to work maintained within the companies of this region.

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Publisher: RVB Books
Release: 2018
Width: 16 cm
Height: 22,5 cm
Pages: 80 pages, 72 color photographs
Japanese binding, soft cover

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Dimensions 16 × 22,5 cm

RVB Books