Charlotte Abramow – Maurice, Tristesse et rigolade (signed and numbered edition)
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Charlotte Abramow – Maurice, Tristesse et rigolade (signed and numbered edition)


Charlotte Abramow’s father is an atypical and eccentric character, a doctor and a dreamer. Following a cancer and a coma that will leave him neurological after-effects, he must relearn everything and will not be the same, living in his inner world. But this whimsical character has an accomplice relationship with his daughter. And the progress in the remission of Mauritius, experienced as a true renaissance, will be a great source of energy for Charlotte to carry out this project become like a photographic game between a father and his daughter.

Surrealism surfaces in many of the images that, far from sinking us into painful pathos, transport us to a parallel, light and joyful world. In the form of a fairy tale, Charlotte presents her father in the studio in metaphorical tableaux that compose seven chapters: “The Coma”, “The Room”, “Disorientation”, “The Langage”, “The Kingdom”, “Surrealist interview”, “The Next World”. This tale doesn’t translate a desire to understand this mystery, but to pay homage to it.

This edition is signed and numbered on 1000 exemplars.

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Editor: Fisheye
Author: Charlotte Abramow
Width: 245 mm
Height: 305 mm
Pages: 292 pages

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