Masahisa Fukase – SASUKE
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Masahisa Fukase – SASUKE

by Atelier EXB


After the monograph on all his work, this book is devoted to the emblematic series of Masahisa Fukase around his two cats, Sasuke and Momoe, mixing iconic and unpublished photographs.

In 1977, Fukase turns his lens towards his new companion: Sasuke. Surrounded by felines since childhood, he decided with the arrival of this new kitten to make it a photographic subject in its own right, fascinated by this lively creature named after a legendary ninja. To his dismay, Sasuke disappeared after ten days and the photographer put up a hundred posters of his lost cat (those on the cover of the book) in his neighborhood. A person brings him back his cat but it’s not Sasuke, but he welcomes him with the same affection. A year later, he takes a second cat, nicknamed Momoe, who will also enter the frame. Fukase will not tire of photographing their games, which will become a real field of visual experimentation without limits. As is often the case in his work, this is a form of projection of the photographer into his subject. The cat, a faithful companion who does not leave him, takes the place of his wife, an eternal heartache, represented later by the emblematic fleeing crows.

His cats were the subject of several books during his lifetime. Tomo Kosuga, director of the Fukase archives, has delved into this body of images to conceive this book as the culmination of a series of publications dedicated to his felines.

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Publisher: Atelier EXB
Text: Masahisa Fukase, 1978 essay and Tomo Kosuga, director of the Masahisa Fukase Archives
Format: 18,5 x 26 cm
Pages: 192
123 photographies B&W
Two versions : French and English

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Dimensions 19 × 26 cm

Atelier EXB

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