Liu Silin – Celine Liu
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Liu Silin – Celine Liu

by La Maison de Z


Liu Silin creates through herself a character, Celine Liu, who traverses history, culture, politics and identity, while asserting that Celine Liu is in fact no one: she can be anyone, and anyone can be Celine Liu.

In an age of image overload, Celine Liu uses herself as a medium to push back the boundaries between the real and the fictional, the mundane and the ritualistic, the private and the public, the individual and the universal, allowing the fictional character to circulate, evolve and be “consumed” in the virtual world of the Internet.

In “I’m everywhere“, the artist “falsifies history” by inserting herself seamlessly as Céline Liu into old photographs of celebrities, travelling in and out of major historical scenes, or chatting and laughing with them in private.

In “Appme“, she creates a series of hybrid self-portraits of Celine Liu using a selfie app, and depicts people from various decades and identities of the 20th century.

In the “Siren” series, she travels through cities and villages looking for passers-by who can lip-sync and imitate the sound of mermaids with her. These people come from different parts of the world, have different identities, are well known or completely anonymous.

While many artists choose to focus on the “art” aspect, Liu Silin instead diverts attention away from “art”, trying to dissolve the “elitism” and limitations of art itself, in an effort to bridge the gap between art and the general public. As she said when working on the “Siren” series, “Everyone should have the right to express themselves and the awareness to do so.”

Through her self-constructed images, Liu Silin re-examines historical narratives and cultural memories, and reflects on the obsession with cultural icons and the value of commodity culture in the mass media environment. In his artistic practice, Liu Silin investigates and reinterprets the traditional social conventions of the “image cult”, conventions that are constructed and shaped precisely by the mass media environment and our digital life.

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Publisher: La Maison de Z
Photographs and texts: Liu Silin/ aka Celine Liu
Design: Zhen Shi, Yinhe Cheng
Publication date: October 2021
Limited edition of 500 copies
Multi-set consisting of a 5-colour printed booklet, a flip book and a box of sound material,
Packaged in a takeaway bag printed in Pantone fluorescent
ISBN : 978-2-9564071-6-4

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Dimensions 13 × 26 × 3 cm

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