Li Lang – 1974
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  • 真姨书房-1974-黎朗

Li Lang – 1974

by La Maison de Z


Each has a unique starting point in their own memory. For Li Lang, it all began in 1974. This work, “1974“, consists of 390 slides played in a loop, accompanied by the artist’s voice-over, 4 stories from his memory of 1974, and a summary of the important events of that year.

Li Lang’s work reconstructs his imagination from his memory, through a voice-over and old photos. The images and texts are no longer just traces of the past. They also explore the potential dialogue with reality, in the space between light and shadow. Li never asks the audience to accept his account of history. Instead, he invites us to join him as an explorer of the past.

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Publisher: La Maison de Z
Design: Zhen Shi, Yinhe Cheng
Publication date: September 2020
Limited edition of 500 copies
Swiss binding, hard cover with silver and gold heat press.
760 pages including a booklet
Main book : Offset printing, 760 pages, silver and gold border.
Booklet: Single silver offset printing on coloured paper, 9x14cm, 16 pages.
Black and white photographs
Published in English and Mandarin Chinese
ISBN: 978-2-9564071-5-7

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 7 cm

La Maison de Z

La Maison de Z est une plateforme de livres photo axée sur la photographie contemporaine chinoise et les publications indépendantes. Utilisant l'édition comme moyen de recherche qui explore la relation complexe entre réalités et souvenirs, La Maison de Z a été fondée en 2015 et a commencé à publier ses propres éditions en 2018. La plateforme permet à un public croissant de découvrir les œuvres les plus récentes d'artistes chinois émergents et établis.