Laurence Aëgerter – Cathédrales
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Laurence Aëgerter – Cathédrales

by RVB Books


The book Cathedrals and Churches of France, published in 1949 by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Tourism, is the origin of Laurence Aëgerter’s Cathedrals facsimile. The artist placed the work near the window of her studio, and allowed the incidence of natural light to affect a reproduction of the facade of the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne in Bourges. She then re-photographed the image every minute for two hours, obtaining one hundred and twenty photographs of light variations on this single image. The play of light and shadow that outlines the Gothic architecture in the original photograph is superimposed by a new shadow that slowly evolves over the cathedral and, in an almost imperceptible but irremediable way, ends up engulfing it. Aëgerter’s photographs thus contain three times.

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Co-Publishers: RVB Books & Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Release: March 2014
Width: 21 cm
Height: 26 cm
Pages: 248 pages, 120 B&W photographs
Soft cover with flaps

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Dimensions 21 × 26 cm

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