Jean-Christophe Hanché – Les enfermés
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Jean-Christophe Hanché – Les enfermés

by Light Motiv


Les Enfermés is a book that takes the reader to the other side of our society. In prison, in psychiatric hospitals, in detention centers… Based on the photographic observations of Jean-Christophe Hanché, photographer and controller of places of deprivation of liberty, the book is instructive, shocking and sincere on the often undignified living conditions, reported from these little visible places.

All the images are regularly corroborated by terrible extracts of letters sent by the prisoners to the CGLPL, and by argued extracts of visit reports or emergency recommendations issued by the CGLPL. Thus, a “landscape of the gap” takes shape that the book shows, the raw reality of the places where the prisoners live. Adeline Hazan, head of the CGLPL, signs a committed preface, in the image of the courageous action she is leading.

“This book is both a vehicle for information and a lever for improving the situation of persons deprived of their liberty. [In the light of the images, observations and testimonies contained in this book, I invite the reader to ask himself whether the conditions of confinement that France has experienced over the last ten years are a relevant preparation for a return to freedom for the ‘locked up’.” Adeline Hazan

“To have access to places of confinement, for as long as necessary, without any restriction of access, is a rare opportunity in my profession as a photographer. I kept telling myself that in order to give an account of what I saw as closely as possible, as accurately as possible, without adding or subtracting anything. [The sensitive immersion in most of my photographs is not due to my audacity or to a reckless commitment, but only to the time, invisible and patient, of meeting the people who become the subjects of my images. If confinement is unfortunately the main means of punishment, it is also the most excluding. […] Photographing these people allows me to take them out of invisibility to the outside world, to turn their situation towards a salutary outside, thus highlighting their fundamental rights.”
– Jean-Christophe Hanché

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Publisher: Light Motiv
Graphic design: Valérie Dussarti
Text: Adeline Hazan
Format: 19 x 26 cm
Pages: 208
Hardback cover

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Dimensions 26 × 19 cm

Light Motiv

Les Editions Light Motiv s’appuient avant tout sur une ligne artistique qui conjugue la mémoire et l’action. Il s’agit de créer des livres qui affrontent le réel au moment d’une transformation sociale, urbaine, naturelle… tout en combinant de manière harmonieuse et pertinente l’écrit et le visuel, les mots et les images, le littéraire et le pictural.
Dans chaque projet, entre les pages de chaque ouvrage, des questions se posent, s’imposent, et s’entremêlent.

Que se passe-t-il ? Peut-on le saisir, le comprendre ? Doit-on s’y adapter ou faire face ?

Le projet éditorial de Light Motiv est d’amener, grâce à la construction du livre et de sa mise en page, les photographies et les textes au même plan de lecture. Rechercher le rythme, l’accord entre ces deux langages qui va épouser le récit documentaire ou intime, la fiction dans les fractures du réel, ou bien encore la recherche sociologique, la découverte artistique…