Hugues de Wurstemberger – SÈTE#21
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Hugues de Wurstemberger – SÈTE#21

by Le Bec en l'air


Release May 21, 2021

ImageSingulières is a festival of documentary photography created in 2009 in Sète. Each year, a photographer is invited to look at the city and produce a series of images that is published in a book.

In 2021 the carte blanche is entrusted to the Swiss photographer Hugues de Wurstemberger. Known for his work that emphasizes the links between humans and territory – whether it be his children or the people of Africa – it is once again through the prism of the relationship to the land that he approached his residency by surveying the banks of the ponds (Thau, Vic, Ingril…).

Listening to nature, probing the wild grasses of the paths and the lagoon posidonia to the horizon, he transfigures the banality of the ordinary, that of the daily life of the fishmongers, seed growers and other dreamers of the basin.


Hugues de Wurstemberger is a Swiss photographer, member of Agence VU’ since its creation in 1986 and represented by Galerie VU’. He first became known for his photographs of the interior of the Swiss Guard. For a long time he worked on the daily life and intimacy of forgotten populations throughout the world. In 2005, he published AOC, une identité retrouvée (Infolio), as well as Pauline et Pierre (Quo Vadis). His work was awarded the Niépce Prize in 1990, the World Press Photo in 1991, and the Silver Award in 2002.


Christian Caujolle is artistic director and curator of numerous international exhibitions. A key figure in the world of contemporary photography, he has written the texts of numerous catalogs and monographs of photographers.
He directs the PhotoPhnomPenh festival in Cambodia and has just been appointed artistic advisor to the Château d’Eau (Toulouse). In Sète, along with Gilles Favier, he is the artistic director of the ImageSingulières festival.

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Co-Publishers: Le Bec en l’air and CéTàVOIR
Text: Christian Caujolle
Format: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 112
70 photos in color and black and white
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Le Bec en l'air

Créé en 1999, Le Bec en l’air est un éditeur indépendant installé à Marseille. Un point commun réunit la plupart du temps ses publications : le dialogue entre l’image et le texte, entre photographie et récit, à travers une mise en page étudiée, des photographies et des textes d’auteurs.

Au fil des ans, le catalogue s’enrichit d’écritures photographiques variées qui trouvent néanmoins une cohérence éditoriale : la photographie comme outil de questionnement du monde contemporain, qu’il s’agisse de préoccupations documentaires, esthétiques ou intimistes.
Photographes reconnus ou émergents s’y croisent, sans exclusion de style ou de sensibilité artistique : Jane Evelyn Atwood, Bruno Boudjelal, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Denis Brihat, Denis Dailleux, Arko Datto, Cédric Gerbehaye, Steeve Iuncker, Yohanne Lamoulère, Frédéric Lecloux, Shinji Nagabe, Payram, Marc Riboud, Adrien Selbert, Frédéric Stucin …