Harry Gruyaert – India
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    INDIA. Rajasthan. 1976
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    INDIA. 1976.

Harry Gruyaert – India

by Atelier EXB


India is disconcerting, it destabilizes you and makes you lose your bearings. It stimulates you intellectually. There is an energy there that is born of an impression of constant chaos: the people, the cities, the swarming of the crowd. What immediately interested me was the multiplicity of elements with which one can compose and this orgy of colors that one must try to control in order not to fall into the easy way. – Harry Gruyaert

Through a dozen trips over more than 40 years, Harry Gruyaert has tirelessly traveled the Indian peninsula and in this book gives us a testimony of this country in tension where tradition and modernity, effervescence and tranquility, permanently coexist. Multiple details, different layers, are intertwined in these photographs, mostly unpublished, which oscillate between chromatic power and an almost monochrome palette. The air is saturated with color, light, noise, and sometimes silence. By restoring the multi-sensory experience that he has perceived over the years in the face of the mysteries of this country, the Belgian photographer paints a contrasting picture that is far from exotic.

Harry Gruyaert recounts, in the introduction, his discovery and fascination for India. While various excerpts from Jean-Claude Carrière’s Dictionnaire amoureux de l’Inde punctuate this visual exploration of the Indian peninsula.

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Publisher: Atelier EXB
Release: October 2020
Texts: Harry Gruyaert, Jean-Claude Carrière
Width: 29 cm
Height: 23.5 cm
Pages: 208 pages, 135 colors photographs

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Dimensions 29 × 23.5 cm

Atelier EXB

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