Gilles Roudière – Trova
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Gilles Roudière – Trova

by Lamaindonne


“Gilles Roudière belongs to this family of intuitive and sensitive photography, he does not tell the world as it is, but as he feels it. Also in the images of Cuba that he delivers, there is neither intention of testimony, nor documentary intention. Nothing is descriptive. No clues, no geographical or social studies. That is not his intention.”

“With Trova, Gilles Roudière signs a photographic stroll through Cuba in the manner of the Spanish-American trovadores going from town to town to perform their songs. He lets himself be carried along by his journey and delivers powerful black and white images, with an explosive grain. Without ever stopping at the surface of things, free of clichés and any exotic temptation, his photographs play between fiction and reality and compose a story that seems to come straight out of a movie. Photographs often at the border of surrealism, carried by a fascinated and fascinating look.”

Caroline Bénichou

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Publisher: lamaindonne
Width: 180 mm
Height: 240 mm
Pages: 160 pages
Hardcover with hot stamping, cloth back

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David Fourré has been working in publishing and graphic design for over twenty years. Passionate about photography, he created Lamaindonne Editions in 2011.

The lamaindonne editions are based in Marcillac-Vallon, in Aveyron.

In 2019, he is the winner of the HiP award in the category "publisher of the year".

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