Geoffroy Mathieu – La mauvaise réputation
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Geoffroy Mathieu – La mauvaise réputation

by Zoème


The bad reputation is the latest work of photographer Geoffroy Mathieu. If at the beginning of the twentieth century the Aygalades stream was still a place of vacation, a century of urbanization and industrialization have taken away its continuity, its flow and its ecological balance to such an extent that some inhabitants have even forgotten its existence. Thus, in 2017, an expedition made up of artists, residents, researchers, and developers undertook an ascent with their feet in the water of the stream. They were all seized by the hidden beauties of the Aygalades. At the bottom of the bed of this damaged river, between two bushed segments, unfolds a space of luxuriant nature flooded with a zenithal light in which the primary colors of waste, plastics and heterogeneous objects, form with the vegetation paradoxical pictures. In Geoffroy Mathieu’s photographs, bursting with color and extremely precise composition, the creek thus becomes a motive for poetic speculation on issues related to ecology, land use, and public space.

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Publisher: Zoème
Release: November 2020
Width: 200 mm
Height: 300 mm
Pages: 96 pages, 70 colors photographs

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Dimensions 20 × 30 cm


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