Frédéric Daubal – Overprint
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Frédéric Daubal – Overprint

by Filigranes


A dense book of 312 pages for a flow of 560 “overprints” or an “everyday obsession”.

An intuitive and mocking project where everyone can find themselves. The overprint plays to deconstruct, deride, stare and distort this very stylized world of the magazine and more generally of the printed image.
Half iconic, half ironic, Daubal’s approach explores the themes of fashion, ecology and the human being in his environment. Her artisanal, even minimalist mode of production, made of recycling, cutting, and all kinds of tinkering, makes us react and think.
She invites us to look differently at the subjects she tackles by deconstructing with fantasy the established codes and by colliding glossy paper and popular culture. Creating a dialogue by combining the improbable, provoking questions rather than providing answers. Absurd object or initiator of thought? Fruit of chance or deliberate choice? Meaningless or symbolic? Homage or cheese? A perpetual performance in which she rhymes fashion and onions!

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Publisher: Filigranes
Releaser: November 2021
Languages: English / French
Bound in hardcover
312 pages, 560 color photographs

ISBN: 978-2-35046-554-8

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 cm


Filigranes Editions est une maison fondée il y a 32 ans par Patrick Le Bescont, le catalogue contient 700 titres. La démarche éditoriale de Filigranes est de conjuguer, dans des livres singuliers, l’image et l’écriture, faisant ainsi se croiser les regards et les sensibilités d’auteurs photographes, d’artistes et d’écrivains contemporains, sans exclusion de styles ou de genres.

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