François Prost – Gentlemen’s Club

François Prost – Gentlemen’s Club
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François Prost – Gentlemen’s Club


A festive journey contrasting with the puritanism of these territories.

In 2019, François Prost goes on a trip across America. Instead of visiting national parks or exploring big cities, he preferred to take his camera on the trail of strip clubs, from Miami to Los Angeles, in broad daylight.

The resulting series, Gentlemen’s Club, examines American culture and urbanism in the same breath. Taken from a medium distance, these 200 photographs highlight the stark geometry of American roadside architecture as well as dominant views of gender and sexuality.

This work is a continuation of the After Party series, which compiles hundreds of images of nightclub facades in daylight across France. Many thought at the time that these images had been made in the USA (most of these nightclubs draw their architectural and stylistic references from post-war American pop culture). So it was quite natural that the photographer turned to the United States to continue this work.

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Publisher: Fisheye Editions / Be Contents
Text: Valérie Timmermans
Format: 23×14 cm
Pages: 250
Languages: French and English
ISBN : 979-10-97326-06-7

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