Fisheye Photo Review 2021.22

Fisheye Photo Review 2021.22
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Fisheye Photo Review 2021.22


1.5 kg of photos, 291 photographers, 564 images.

For the fifth consecutive year, Fisheye sums up a year of explorations, curations and digital publications in a physical book with a refined aesthetic.

In 376 pages, 291 photographers, 564 images and almost 1.5 kg, we take the time to observe. All of these series were featured over this past year, i.e., during the pandemic. A suspended time, where dreamlike images have taken on an unprecedented role in our mostly often direct, even crude, relationship with the world—almost as if it were necessary to find crossroads to transmit a mental projection, to reinvent a relationship with reality in order to better embellish it.

The Fisheye Photo Review 2021.22, a true “bible” of contemporary photography, a handbook of inspirations, a guide of rising stars offers unexpected connections between fashion, documentary, intimate and experimental projects. This book gives a unique insight into today’s visual arts, and proves that there are no limits to audacity. Whether they work with cyanotype, film or digital, the 300 or so artists published here send us a unique and positive message. No, creativity is not at rest!

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Publisher: Be Contents
Pages : 376
Closed format: 210 mm x 280 mm
Open format: 420 mm x 280 mm
Thickness: 3 cm
Paper: Magno mat natural 120g + Magno gloss 170g / PVC cover
Languages: English and French
ISBN: 979-10-97326-08-1
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