Fisheye Photo Review 2020.21

Fisheye Photo Review 2020.21
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Fisheye Photo Review 2020.21


1.8 kg of photographs, 427 photographers, 706 images.

This new opus of our annual curation includes a large selection of photographers published on our website fishyemagazine.fr.

By its non-linear reading, without chapters and only oriented by the visual sensibilité́, this book will plunge you into a vision. Fisheye’s vision of the authors, and the authors’ vision of our times. The fruit of thousands of hours of research, it shapes a path that leads us to the limbo of our imagination and our expectations. Because our duty is to make us feel and transmit, we thought Fisheye Photo Review 2019.20 as a guide, a book of inspirations useful to all: photographers in the making and experienced authors, passionate about images and art, explorers, and you who wonder about life…

Deciphering the world, yes, but how? In colour, and with surprising angles and experiments. Each of the authors gathered here offers paths of reflection and escape. In his book La Chambre claire, Note sur la photographie (1980), Roland Barthes stated: “Every photograph is a certificate of presence. “Here we bring together artists who affirm their presence in the world and, with them, bear witness to our own.

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Publisher: Fisheye
Pages: 416
Width: 210 mm
Height: 280 mm
Languages: English and French

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Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 5 cm