Fisheye Magazine #51

Fisheye Magazine #51
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Fisheye Magazine #51



Photography, literally writing with light, has accustomed us, in a largely false sense, to rendering a reality. Now it is obvious that this is not the case most of the time. Not because the reality would be altered, but surely more because the evidence that we capture with our eyes is not necessarily the reflection of the truth. As Friedrich Nietzsche tells us: “Life is no longer conceived by morality: it wants illusion, it lives on illusion.” And it is in this vein that we have conceived this 51st opus of Fisheye. How to capture a world that does not offer to our eyes a transposition of reality? This is the approach of Sari Soininen, a Finnish photographer who takes us on a visual ride after taking too much LSD. Although now weaned, she remains marked by this experience and tries to transcribe an alternative adventure, not necessarily very pleasing. We also went to see the side of the mediums women and their relation to the spirits. A colossal work by Philippe Baudouin in Supernatural. A visual history of women mediums. A journey that pushes us to confront our own beliefs and our own limits. Healers, psychics, witches, magnetic somnambulism, conversation with spirits… The spectrum is wide. Closer to us, Delfina Carmona plays with light and colors to influence our emotions. Just like Gabriel Dia, who reinvents an iconography of his own body to transcend his history and change its destiny. All this describes a field of possibilities with unexplored horizon. A saving step for a world that is dying to conform. Even as we enter a third year of viral dystopia, we need to renew our collective imagination to know where we should be looking. This fine line between reality and the virtual, we will be crisscrossing it all year with Fisheye. In the form of an exhibition this summer in Arles within the Rencontres. But before that, in the ephemeral Grand Palais, with the Augmented Palace, which returns in June to take the step of augmented reality. Finally on the inevitable question of metavers that we question since 2016. It seems necessary to draw the ethical framework if we do not want to regret its advent. In short, a new year full of saving misguidance in order to have the joy of taking a path that we had not envisaged. In 2022, nothing will happen as planned: which will save us from disappointment. Everything, except Fisheye’s ability to detect authors and artists who tell the world differently. It seems obvious to us to wish you a beautiful year 2022, alternative, surprising, unreal and especially disruptive. Clarity is not always the destination, one must know how to appreciate the path, especially when it becomes sinuous.

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Released on newsstands January 5, 2022
Bimonthly, 132 pages
Cover photo: © Jihoon Yang

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