Fisheye Magazine #50

Fisheye Magazine #50
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Fisheye Magazine #50



Fifty issues for a daily newspaper takes less than two months to design, for Fisheye it took us more than eight years. Not that we are lazy, but it takes enthusiasm to tell a story, especially with images. The story of a medium that never stops transforming itself in a magazine that takes its time, it sometimes sparks. Fisheye is not about photography but about photographers, authors, those who create with the real and the unreal. In their complexity, they have brilliantly allowed us to better tell the world in which we live, or at least, we think we live. They inspire us, exalt us, transcend us, sometimes irritate us, but do not leave us indifferent in any way. When I look at the covers of Fisheye, I see joys, pride, disappointments, contradictions, late closings, moments of life, talents, unknowns, stars, women, men, a dog, a cat, birds and now a snake. Emblem of the vital energy by its moult, this animal comes to act the successful transformation, if I judge from your numerous comments, of our new concept.

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Released on newsstands November 8, 2021
Bimonthly, 140 pages
Cover photo: © Marco Marzocchi / Studiofaganel

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