Fisheye Magazine #48 – Digital edition

Fisheye Magazine #48 – Digital edition

Fisheye Magazine #48 – Digital edition



Fisheye new concept
Telling, inspiring, revealing contemporary photography

This is neither our 50th issue, nor our 10th anniversary, nor a remarkable date, just the right time to question ourselves and propose a new formula in line with your expectations and with our vision. Fisheye, after eight years, really needed a new look with this fierce will to serve the authors even better. So the team went to work in order to reinvent itself, to question itself, to elevate itself. We kept what we felt was at the heart of the project: the name, the format and the authors. The rest, we rethought entirely. In addition to this new cover (which exists in a premium version for subscribers), you will find two different papers inside. A satin paper at the beginning and at the end for analysis, diaries, portraits, columns or reflection. In the center, a matte paper that serves a sequence of 60 pages of portfolios that tell us stories, without ads, as an immersion in the best of the photo productions of the moment. This sequence is at the heart of the new Fisheye, because it sums up the spirit of the magazine: to find, all over the world, the looks that are most in tune with our time. We wanted to be an anti glossy paper. This object that you hold in your hands has a perenniality. It is no longer a magazine, nor a book, nor a mook, but a separate object that has been designed to pay tribute to photographers. From the fiction of war to the blind who dream in images, from Théo Gosselin’s melancholic road trip to the healers of Peru, Fisheye has rethought its heart to better nourish your souls.

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Digital edition
Released on newsstands July 5, 2021
Bimonthly, 132 pages
Cover photo: © Chiron Duong