Fisheye Magazine #45 – Digital edition

Fisheye Magazine #45 – Digital edition
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Fisheye Magazine #45 – Digital edition


Landscape Surveyors

Using film or digital photography techniques, mobilizing artificial intelligence algorithms or resorting to physical manipulations, a dozen contemporary photographers offer their vision of landscape, one of the most traditional genres of representation modes. Nourished by centuries of images, these landscape surveyors explore our connection to the world, our relationship to the sublime or to territories in struggle by climbing mountains or immersing themselves in the oceans. Combining fiction, science and visual arts, their poetic investigations question our space and our ways of inhabiting it.

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Digital edition
Released on newsstands January 8, 2021
Bimonthly, 132 pages
Cover photo: © Brendan Higgins / Lost Robot Studios, photo from the Utha’s Landscapes series