Fisheye Magazine #43

Fisheye Magazine #43

Fisheye Magazine #43


Spiritualities, explorations beyond the visible

To open the field of mysticism, spirituality and religion is to question our relationship to reality. To wonder if the immaterial takes shape beyond our current scientific knowledge. The search for light, this component at the origin of photography, sometimes leads artists on adventurous paths, in pursuit of worlds populated by chimeras and specters that feed beliefs of all kinds. On the road to shamans or voodoo, from Islam to Judaism, through the lives of saints or those of the dead, the dozen authors gathered in this dossier attempt to connect to other universes. Disturbing incursions where the views become visions.

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Released on newsstands September 14, 2020
Bimonthly, 140 pages
Cover photo: © Elizaveta Porodina

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