Fisheye Magazine #42 – Digital edition

Fisheye Magazine #42 – Digital edition
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Fisheye Magazine #42 – Digital edition


Sex, an air of freedom

For seven years that Fisheye has existed, after about fifty publications counting the special issues, we had not yet taken the step. Is it the “age of reason” that frees us from this ban? Or should we simply see it as an obvious fact: sex concerns us all, and photographers have been dealing with it for a long time with perhaps more freedom. Sex, this object of desire, is at the heart of the practices of certain authors, like Antoine D’Agata, who granted us a precious interview. We wanted to try to bend the gender stereotype and to question what links the image to sexuality, beyond pornography. Inclusive, disturbing and joyful, this dossier will surprise you. To get naked, it is a little what the time imposes to us in order to renew itself, and to leave behind us the burden of our prejudices to reinvent itself.

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Digital edition
Released on newsstands July 9, 2020
Bimonthly, 164 pages
Cover photo: © Jan Maschinski