Fisheye Magazine #40

Fisheye Magazine #40
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Fisheye Magazine #40


Winter Tales

“Hate is the winter of the heart,” wrote Victor Hugo in Les Contemplations. Thus, winter is rarely associated with a positive time. Literature overflows with languid anticipation of spring, the season of renewal, love and life. Winter is associated with death, sadness and cold. Yet, winter is beautiful, intriguing, unexpected, and visually rich. When we looked at this theme, we never imagined we would find such a pictorial excitement with authors who embrace winter with passion to transcribe its mysteries. Like storytellers, they write a new grammar of the image that slips into the recesses of our imagination. We dive into the great white, supernatural and incredibly bewitching, as we abandon ourselves to an illicit substance, with fear in our stomachs but our hearts exalted. More than a semantic, this file is a feeling, a conviction, a grimoire which conceals magic formulas that only the letting go and the acceptance of the reverie will allow to decipher.

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