Fisheye Magazine #4

Fisheye Magazine #4
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Fisheye Magazine #4


Selfie, all egocentric?

For this January issue, Fisheye dedicates the feature of its fourth issue to the new generation self-portrait: the selfie. To understand how this word has invaded our daily lives, Fisheye called on sociologist Monique Dagnaud and psychologist Sylviane Barthe Liberge. Our two specialists of social networks analyze this self-portrait
taken at arm’s length and posted on social networks. Artists, amateur photographers
and readers of Fisheye have also given us their vision of the selfie. From Justin Bieber to Barack Obama, embark on a 2.0 ego trip.

Fisheye n° 4 is also an analysis through images of the FN propaganda, the story of the GoPro epic, the deciphering of the Snapchat app, an apartment transformed into a pinhole camera and a trip to China to meet the performer photographers.

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Released on newsstands January 7, 2014

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