Fisheye Magazine #39

Fisheye Magazine #39
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Fisheye Magazine #39


Ecology, authors at the bedside of a drifting world

Photographers are obliged to go into the field to make their images. Always in the front row, they know the world better than we do. This is probably the reason why many of them became aware – long before ecology became a “trend” – of the environmental problems that threaten our planet. This is probably also the reason why they have become involved in the issue of water, climate change, the destruction of biodiversity, pollution problems, the disappearance of forests, consumerist and energy-guzzling aberrations… They have become alert launchers through images that challenge us by their beauty, their horror or their disturbing strangeness. Without harboring many illusions about the ability of photos to change the world, they continue, they insist, they strive to invent new forms of images that surprise us and make us think.

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