Fisheye Magazine #38

Fisheye Magazine #38
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Fisheye Magazine #38


Fashion, the new era

For more than a century, glossy printed photographs have not only chronicled fashion trends, they have also reflected the cultural shifts that are taking place in society. Eulogizing clothing to arouse desire and encourage purchase, the history of fashion photography is marked by a number of revolutions triggered by photographers, art directors or magazines. So many seismographs recording the tremors of each decade. Simple niche market at its origin, this photography became a determining actor of the mass consumption culture. The arrival of digital technology, with its accessible tools and its expanded modes of distribution, has given rise to new practices for a whole generation of authors. The latter, freer and more uninhibited than their elders, give free rein to their questioning of gender, identity and their personal universes that they express far from the agreed rules of the celebration of clothing. This singularity and this freedom of tone make the interest of these authors who redraw the contours of fashion photography today.

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Released on newsstands September 16, 2019
Bimonthly, 132 pages
Cover photo: © Edgar Berg / North South Production & Julia Quante