Fisheye Magazine #37

Fisheye Magazine #37
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Fisheye Magazine #37


The taste of authors: 10 photographers favorites

For six years now, the Fisheye teams have been defending an authors’ policy – a notion inherited from the 7th art that critics and directors of the New Wave claimed loud and clear. Photographers are also authors, and we would like to pay tribute to them once again in an exceptional 60-page dossier that gives pride of place to the image. The ten artists we publish here have, for the most part, already found their place in our magazine, on our website, or on the walls of our gallery. We continue to follow their work and to support them, because they are the line of force of our activities. These are the women and men who, through their eyes, give us a different view of the world. They are the very material of these pages, and without their creativity and loyalty, we would not be here today.

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Released on newsstands June 27, 2019
Bimonthly, 154 pages
Cover photo: © Lucile Boiron, photo from the Womb series