Fisheye Magazine #25

Fisheye Magazine #25
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Fisheye Magazine #25


Arles Special – Make beautiful encounters

For the 4th anniversary of Fisheye, the editorial staff has prepared a generous 140-page issue with a special report on the Rencontres d’Arles, which includes a review of the exhibitions not to be missed: whether it’s the highlights on Colombia and Iran, the program of the Fisheye Gallery, which is taking up its summer quarters in the South, or the VR Arles Festival, which is shifting into high gear with some 20 films shown over two months. You will also find the amazing story of Isabelle Mège, the woman with 140 portraits; a portfolio on Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth, a twenty-five year investigation on consumer society; politics in glitter mode by the Myop agency; the latest work of Valérie Belin; or the portrait of Agnès b. on the occasion of the presentation of her photo collection in Avignon. Not to mention our games, music, lab, video and Tumblr pages… among others.

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