Fisheye Magazine #22

Fisheye Magazine #22
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Fisheye Magazine #22


Photographers and Politics: Power Games

2017 will be an intense political year, between the election of a new President of the Republic next May and the election of the National Assembly in June. A great opportunity to examine the relationship between photographers and politicians, who regularly clash over issues of the power of image and the image of power. The views of a dozen authors served as guides in this investigation and led us to editorial offices, print and web, and social networks. A way to decipher how, from information to propaganda, images try to take power over our consciences.

This issue also focuses on the new edition of Circulation(s), on a trip to Lianzhou, China, the land of all photographic possibilities, to New Orleans by night and to nightclubs by day. You will also descend into the bowels of the Earth with Raphaël Dallaporta to (re)visit the Chauvet cave in a surprising way. You will go to Haiti to discover Kolektif 2 Dimansyon, and then Corentin Fohlen’s offbeat look presented at the Fisheye Gallery, starting January 18. You will travel to Flint, Michigan, to meet Claressa “T-Rex”, a young woman who has just won her second Olympic boxing title in Rio.

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Released on newsstands January 4, 2017
Bimonthly, 140 pages
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