Fisheye Magazine #19

Fisheye Magazine #19
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Fisheye Magazine #19


Special Rencontres d’Arles

For the three years of the magazine, the Fisheye team decided to play it arlesian. Not with the idea of letting you down, quite the contrary. The Rencontres d’Arles are every year a privileged meeting to observe the trends of contemporary photography, which is also one of our ambitions. So we have put together a dossier on these special events to guide you through a selection of serious, refreshing, colorful, confusing or mysterious exhibitions. You will be able to dive into the universe of monsters and extraterrestrials, to make a detour through pop Africa, to stroll through the history of street photography, to treat yourself to a Camargue western session, to wonder about new documentary approaches, to succumb to the charm of vernacular photos, or to discover emerging photographers.

You will also find your sections to decipher the world around us, from the American elections to the issues of harassment, through new images of current events, drone races, sports or music photos, without forgetting the portfolios that give priority to the author’s images.

Arles is also (first of all?) a festive event, with its screenings, its animations, and its meetings, of course… The opportunity to meet within our Fisheye Gallery which takes its summer quarters at the Toy Store from July 4th to September 15th, in the ancient Roman city converted to photography since almost half a century.

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Released on newsstands July 1, 2016
Bimonthly, 140 pages
Cover photo: Paul Rousteau

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