Fisheye Magazine #18

Fisheye Magazine #18
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Fisheye Magazine #18


Slow photo sets the tempo

Time remains, in its complexity, the central actor in photography. It directly impacts the light, the exposure and the final rendering. In this new issue, we wanted to question the practices of slow photography, a movement with ill-defined contours born in opposition to immediacy, fulgurance, immediate sharing and total ubiquity. Practices that emphasize the photographic experience, the materiality of the media and the recording of time rather than moments. With photographers who favor silver photography, large format cameras, pinhole cameras, Polaroid or old processes such as ambrotype or Fresson prints.

At the dawn of its third year, Fisheye is growing fast and, as we announced, we are inaugurating the Fisheye Gallery in June, in the 10th district of Paris. A space to present the views, the authors, the people we believe in since a long time. A new adventure that will extend the focus on photographers in the print edition, our website and social networks. We are preparing new surprises for the summer issue which will be resolutely placed under the sign of the Meetings…

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Released on newsstands May 10, 2016
Bimonthly, 140 pages
Cover photo: Jack Bool

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