Fisheye Magazine #17

Fisheye Magazine #17
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Fisheye Magazine #17


Family photos tell us stories

Family photos occupy a singular place among the images that surround us. They explore the question of intimacy, the representation of happiness, the relationship to our loved ones, the traces we are left with and those we want to transmit. They are like concentrates of emotion that make us oscillate between joy and melancholy. From genealogists to collectors, they invite themselves into our lives beyond the traditional albums. Photographers, filmmakers, writers, theater people… artists are not to be outdone in questioning these images of our intimacy and developing the stories they conceal. If family photos and their uses have evolved with the changes in society, their relationship to the document is fading in favor of fictions that explore our realities. This is demonstrated by the fifteen or so photographers who tell us their stories, between reality and fiction, from Vik Muniz to Carolle Benitah, via Alain Keler or Louise Narbo.

This issue will take you across the Atlantic to discover the new New York scene, and will make a detour to the Pompidou Center, which honors the photography of the 1980s. You will also be able to discover different works: that of the duo Epectase, which questions the political via their residency in Corbeil-Essonnes, as part of L’Œil urbain; Shane Lynam’s new series on the seaside resorts built in the 1960s between Montpellier and Perpignan, presented at the Circulation(s) festival; not forgetting a portfolio by Amaury da Cunha, photographer, critic and writer, who sheds light on his work by answering questions from his former teacher, Arnaud Claass.

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Released on newsstands March 8, 2016
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