Fisheye Magazine #12

Fisheye Magazine #12
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Fisheye Magazine #12


W€b 3.0, trap or eldorado for photography?

Already the 12th issue of Fisheye present in newsstands, bookstores and very soon available on tablet (iPad version). On the eve of its second anniversary, Fisheye keeps as a compass the curiosity to decipher the world through photography, and vice versa, as the contents of this issue show.

From the resistance of film to the attempts to monetize photography through social networks – with our Web 3.0 dossier – Fisheye’s eye remains curious. It looks at porn and 3D, at the reconfiguration of journalism by the lol culture, at graphic design, at the revival of photography in England, at France seen from here – a documentary project led by ImageSingulières and Médiapart. It takes a detour to Brussels to discover a new place dedicated to photography, listens to the Observatory of Creative Freedom talk about the progression of censorship since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, and deciphers how photos of 1914-1918 and the Shoah are changing our perception of history on the Web. Fisheye also takes a breath of fresh air with Massimo Siragusa’s portfolio on his Italian-style theaters, exhibited at La Gacilly, and Philippe Grollier’s on the Bonfires in Northern Ireland. The readers’ Tumblr is still there, as are all the other events: exhibitions, books, the lab, video art, web projects and all the columns.

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Released on newsstands May 13, 2015
Bimonthly, 124 pages

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