Enzo Lefort – Olympic Backstage

Enzo Lefort – Olympic Backstage
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Enzo Lefort – Olympic Backstage


The athlete and photographer Enzo Lefort describes his unique daily life during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In Olympic Backstage, Enzo Lefort has documented the backstage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Postponed to the following year due to the pandemic, a singular climate reigns over the Olympic village. With the ban on leaving the hotel outside of training and competitions, and health restrictions intermingled with the stress of the events, photography is a real escape route.

In this first book published by Fisheye, Enzo Lefort looks back on this atypical adventure while paying tribute to his teammates. Accompanied by Steven Alexis – creative director and founder of the design studio Bureau Pléiades – the two of them imagine an immersive experience. The photographs are combined with the written word and memories to give a better account of these three weeks of extraordinary preparation, rewarded by the award of a gold medal.

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Éditions Fisheye
Photograph: Enzo Lefort

Publishing Director: Benoît Baume
Editorial Committee: Benoît Baume, Lisa Cadot, Corentin Delavie, Bastien Forato and Éric Karsenty
Publishing Officer: Imane Gilles
Editorial coordination: Éric Karsenty
Technical coordination: Lisa Cadot & Bastien Forato
Manufacturing: Dorothée Xainte
Photoengraving: IGS-CP
Distribution officer: Corentin Delavie, editions@fisheyemagazine.fr

Bureau Pléiades
Creative Director: Steven Alexis
Art Director: Steven Alexis & Valentin Guilbaud
Graphic Design: Valentin Guilbaud
CGI Content: Côme Lart & Paul Mouillevois

This book is printed on Garda Mat 150g and Arcopint 70g
Printed in May 2022 by EBS in Verona, Italy

Legal deposit: May 2022
ISBN: 979-10-97326-11-1

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