Ella Vuillaumé – Hypothetical death of exarchian alpha
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Ella Vuillaumé – Hypothetical death of exarchian alpha

by SunSun


Hypothetical Death Of Exarchian Alpha offers the reader the opportunity to read the sociological, historical, and political upheavals of a country, Greece, through the epigraphy on the walls of a neighborhood that has the added distinction of being one of the historical foci of the anarchist movement in Athens.

This book is composed of four parts:
– the diary of the author who immerses himself in the environment of his study,
– the collection of photographs of Alpha letters found on the walls of the neighborhood
– the different Alpha letters isolated from their context to keep only their form and
their typographic interest in relation to their hypothetical death (disappearance)
– a sequence of mini-disappearance scenarios e.g. Alpha disappears under a #stayhome poster,
Alpha is covered by a graffiti, Alpha is covered by a poster offering courses to refugees,
Alpha is ripped off by a priest, etc.

The study revolves around the idea of the disappearance of the letter Alpha from the neighborhood of Exarchia and gives awareness that every thing or fact observed can be transformed by the observer. This research, transcended by the multifaceted aspect of daily life and the destinies that intersect on the walls of the neighborhood, is embodied in a graphic and anthropological detective story.

The investigation Hypothetical Death Of Exarchian Alpha, while focusing on a neighborhood on a micro scale, reflects broader realities on a macro scale: the turmoil and metamorphoses that cross a country and which are not without echoing the current situation in Europe.

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Publisher: SunSun
Release: September 2020
Text: book in English
Width: 11 cm
Height: 18 cm
Pages: 406 pages B&W, paperback

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Dimensions 11 × 18 cm