Delphine Diallo – Divine
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Delphine Diallo – Divine


A powerful photographic journey through portraiture and collage by French-Senegalese photographer Delphine Diallo.

Divine is Brooklyn-based photographer Delphine Diallo’s gift to women and portraiture, a book of photographs as an offering to the ennobled subjects that feature in her work.

Working with body painters and jewellery and mask makers, Delphine uses traditional mythology and spiritual symbols to empower her subjects. She believes that women are deep beings and connects with them on an emotional level. Diallo’s images are meant to encourage each woman to write a personal narrative, to take a stand, to have a voice.

Drawing on elements of Eastern mythology and philosophy, her photographs raise awareness by calling on all women to take a stand and be heard. Delphine immerses herself in the female universe and her eloquent portrait technique reveals and elicits unexplored emotions and insight beyond appearances.

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Publisher: Hat & Beard Press
Text: Bianca Spaggiari and Pascal Blanchard
Design: Lisa Moses
Languages: English and French
Publication date: 2022
ISBN : 978-1-955125-11-6

Hard cover
156 pages

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