Collectif – Flux, une société en mouvement
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Collectif – Flux, une société en mouvement

by Poursuite


Following the eponymous photographic commission initiated by Cnap in 2018, Flux, a society in motion presents the work of fifteen photographers or artist duos who bear witness to the multiple flows irrigating the world today and their environmental and societal consequences.
This possibility or impossibility of movement is the basis of the conditions of existence of each form of life. But financial flows, logistical flows, human flows, electrical flows, data flows, raw material flows are all intertwined, get carried away and sometimes end up overflowing.

The text that introduces the book, written by Bruce Bégout, philosopher and novelist, great explorer of our planet under the influence of globalization, is conceived, in the form of a carte blanche, as a sixteenth participation in this project. Each of the artists has freely laid out their images and chosen an author to put them into words.
This photographic book, through these singular artistic and critical languages, thus exposes a wide range of today’s French photographic scene, which represents and documents to produce an updated knowledge of all aspects of life, from the most visible to the most minute. The collection also illustrates the importance of the commission in the history of contemporary photographic practices, which have initiated essential moments, particularly in times of crisis.

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Publisher: Poursuite
Release: September 2020
Authors: Lionel Bayol-Thémines, Aglaé Bory, Bruno Boudjelal, Guillaume Chamahian & Julien Lombardi, Margaret Dearing, Nicolas Floc’h, Samuel Gratacap, Éric Guglielmi, Ilanit Illouz, Marine Lanier, Perrine Le Querrec & Mathieu Farcy, Florent Meng, Florence Paradeis, Sarah Ritter, Hortense Soichet
Texts: French – Bruce Bégout
Design: Grégoire Pujade-Laurraine
Width: 24 cm
Height: 30 cm
Pages: 172 pages

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Dimensions 24 × 30 cm


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